1-Click Meeting Minutes

ZippyMeetings professional meeting minutes templates look so good, everyone will be all that more impressed when your meeting minutes arrive so fast. Keep your meeting goals, actions and outcomes front and centre.

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Outlook integration

ZippyMeetings loves Outlook. Eliminate cut-&-paste and double-entry: add participants from your address book or contacts list, assign action tasks to yourself or your participants, distribute minute in just 1 click. All here, where you work...right next to your inbox.

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Manage action progress

Manage action progress in recurring meetings With ZippyMeetings you have the full history of action progress including progress notes, and changes to owner or due date, at your fingertips to help you drive towards achieving your meeting objectives.

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Quick and easy agenda

ZippyMeetings makes it easy to create an agenda that will help you achieve your meeting goals – simply identify your discussion topics, topic leaders and durations. The hardest part of the meeting is suddenly so easy.

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We hate being stuck in long, boring, pointless meetings, and we know we are not the only ones.  So we made ZippyMeetings.  Make meetings better, today!  Download ZippyMeetings here.

So, why choose ZippyMeetings?

ZippyMeetings gives you the tools you need to take you from a meeting invite, to a well run meeting with a set of professional minutes and the ability to track actions to completion. And we made it so easy to use, it's easier to run a successful meeting, than a bad one.

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Quotes and Tips

You have an unbeatable combination:   Great, easy to use software and fantastic customer service.  Thank you ZippyMeetings!

Mark Jones, Project Manager
Petersen Inc.

ZippyMeetings is a fabulous program and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for such a system.

Craig Nagdeman, Division Manager

Zippymeetings works well for me – especially the structure of the minutes and action point tracking great features.

Construction Manager, Energy Industry

I really believe in this package and would be happy to promote it to everyone I know  as I think it would benefit every PA in the World !!

Executive PA, Education Sector